Self Portrait Photography Ideas

We can all relate to an event when the outside scene is just so right. So right, but all our friends have just left. Yes! The dreadful journey of shooting portraits of yourself on the timer. This becomes even difficult when autofocus is not guaranteed on your camera. This will be the topic of discussion in our today’s article. That how, can one photographer, without any external help, can succeed in capturing themselves brilliantly. Moreover, we will shed light on 3 different aspects regarding self-portrait photography ideas. First, we would talk about some tips that we like to put forth. Then we will talk about some ideas that will add up to the final touch. So, without further ado, let us begin with Self Portrait Photography Ideas.

Some Tips:

These days, when the pandemic is just not ending and is on its rise, some tips regarding self-portrait photography will certainly come in handy. So experiment with various ideas and tips as we go along. In addition to it, don’t be afraid to display your creativity and originality with the camera.

Use of Tripod:

Tripod shouldn’t be a surprise by now. One thing that can guarantee camera stability is the tripod. It comes in all different shapes and sizes and shouldn’t go too heavy on your wallet too. Still, if, by any chance, you are unable to afford one you can just put it on a shelf and set a timer on it. Another advantage that a tripod provides is that it can capture long exposure whilst using slower shutter speeds. If you are shooting indoors at blue hour, then this is surely going to be beneficial. Since, it, along with a shallow depth of field will allow for more light to enter for the increased duration. With this, however, you must keep your stability. Any intense movement in the body or change in poses will result in a blurry photo. The tripod coupled with the use of a mobile display via Wi-Fi to monitor your expressions does wonder. This, we will talk about more in the next section.
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Use of Mobile Display - Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Secondly, there is an option of connecting your DSLR with your phone. This, done through Wi-Fi, will act as your partner. You can hold the phone in your hand and see how you look in the frame. It offers adjustments such as exposure control, color adjustments, and many more. You can even adjust the duration of the timer remotely. However, if you have a smartphone alone, then even that is as good as a DSLR. For smartphones, nowadays are coming with extraordinarily exceptional camera quality. Pick the new iPhone 13 Pro for instance. It can shoot portraits about as great as some DSLRs. Night shots are even better than some DSLRs.

Using Lighting to your Advantage:

Another crucial factor in portrait photography is the adjustment of lighting. Too much and the photo looks overexposed and washed out. Little, and it becomes hard to edit properly. So, what is the right way? The right way is shooting with natural light. Yes! Many portrait photographers who do self-portrait shoots say that they only use natural lighting. The best example is @fiona_larke. An Instagram portrait photographer who shoots black and white portraits and some of the best ones currently out there. She sets her DSLR on the timer and shoots only in nature. That aside, even if you want to shoot indoors, then we would certainly recommend that you use natural lighting fully to your advantage. For example, light coming from windows would do wonders if you are a pro at adjusting your camera. Use even golden hour to your advantage. Subsequently, after the sunrise, when the light is rather sharp, and the rays hit the side of the face, it can turn out to be the best of the portraits.
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Using Props:

Another mention in self-portrait photography ideas would be about using props. Props with the likes of rings and other accessories can prove to be great for close-up portraits. Some people highlight their talents like playing guitar casually which makes for a great self-portrait. Additionally, it shall be included here that pets can be included here too. Yes! Indeed, someone playing with their lovely pet dog candidly can help your audience to relate with you more. So, the next time you put your camera on timer, don’t forget to include your fluffy pets in there.

Conclusion - Self Portrait Photography Ideas

To simply conclude it up, these were all our self-portrait photography ideas. The mere point for writing this article was to indulge in the confidence to shoot yourself. It is all right to be possessed with flaws. In fact, we all have flaws. The point is if you can look over your flaws and display something good that you possess with the world. We have tried our best to make it mobile-friendly too so people who don’t necessarily own a DSLR can still experiment with portrait photography. Lastly, we hope that with our article, we cultivated the freedom of self-portrait photography in you. Best of luck and happy snapping.

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