Ultimate Lightroom Course – 2024

You’ll learn how to…

- What do I need to start the Lightroom Course?

Any Windows, Mac, or mobile device

- Description of the Lightroom Course 2024

Do you want to make images that matter? If so, you are in the right place!

Lightroom is the leading software used by photographers worldwide to organize, edit, and export their work.
Photographers now have more competition than ever. To stand out, your photos must be exceptional.
The ultimate Lightroom course is here to fulfill all your photo editing needs. It is extremely detailed, and is full of tips and tricks from leading professionals in the field.

This course will take you from beginner to advanced and beyond. Editing your photos to make them amazing is now easier than ever to learn.

Never opened Lightroom before or want to learn all the hacks?

This course is for you! We start with the basics, taking you through the entire program, and on to the most powerful features. Learn every tool, option, and menu Lightroom has to offer.

We will walk you through every step of the Lightroom workflow, such as adding copyright data, localized adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction, vignetting, and much more! By learning to select the right size image for a website or social media page, you will soon be able to turn your images into presentations.

You’ll see the entire process laid out from import to export. Then we will dive further into the details, ensuring that you walk away as a master of Lightroom.

Every part of the post-production process is important, from uploading your photos to printing and/or exporting your images.

Take your photos to a new level as we show you how to quickly and easily master Lightroom from A to Z in this Ultimate Lightroom course. We’ll teach you all of the unique techniques to produce the best results.

Learn all the carefully guarded secrets used by pros, and enhance your photos fast!

- These are just some of the fantastic features of the Lightroom course.

- Is this Lightroom course for me?

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, this course is for you!

In this course, you will learn all the skills you need to master Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a powerful editing program that will allow you to fulfill your creative vision and open up a whole new world of possibilities for your work.

If you are using Lightroom Classic or any of the older versions like Lightroom CS6, this course will teach you how to utilize these programs to their full potential. This Ultimate Adobe Lightroom Training was created for beginner and advanced photographers looking to learn how to edit photos to perfection.

So, to sum up:
You’ve taken loads of photos. What now? Where to start?
First, learn how to quickly rate, sort, and select your favorite pictures, making it easy to edit, export, and print them.

This Lightroom course contains many full editing tutorials, where you follow along with your instructor through the entire editing process. These lessons are great for learning the skills you need – the skills a professional editor would use to make their photos look outstanding! And if others can do it, so can you!

- What if I get stuck?

We are here for you! We created our online courses to help you realize your dreams – it’s always the relationship more than the transaction that matters to us.
The Ultimate Lightroom Course is specially designed with the best possible support. However, if you ever get stuck or have any questions, our team is here to help you 24/7. Just get in touch, and our quick support will ensure you’re never disappointed.

- Unlimited access

You also have lifetime access to this course, so you can go back to any lesson you want and review all the exercises as many times as you need.

- We promise!

You will not be disappointed! But, in the unlikely event that you’re not 100% happy with our product, feel free to ask for a refund.
Most of the time, a request for a refund is a technical problem which can be resolved with a simple e-mail. However, if you feel you are still not 100% satisfied, simply claim your refund within 30 days of your purchase. 
With our 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing stopping you from joining our Ultimate Lightroom course right now!

- Hop right in and start your first lesson!​

In conclusion, all it takes is just 1 working day (only 8 hours) for you to master this program and become an expert. Develop the confidence to use your imagination and create images you’ll be proud to share.
Follow the ultimate Lightroom course and make your photos amazing!

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Lightroom course introduction
0 – Welcome to the Lightroom Course 00:01:12
00 – Download Adode Lightroom 00:00:00
1 – Download the exercise files 00:01:12
Section 2: Getting started with Lightroom
2 – Lightroom or Lightroom classic 00:05:39
3 – The lightroom interface 00:04:16
4 – Add a copyright to your photo’s metadata 00:04:25
5 – What is a lightroom Catalog 00:03:43
Section 3: Import and organize your photos
6 – How to import photos in the Lightroom catalogue from your hard drive 00:10:07
7 – How to import images to Lightroom from your memory card 00:05:07
8 – Arranging images by date 00:03:46
9 – Add to collection 00:01:59
10 – How to rename photos during import 00:05:39
11 – Building smart previews 00:03:56
12 – How to Import Videos into Lightroom 00:02:58
13 – Editing Videos 00:03:44
Section 4: The Library tab
14 – Visualizing pictures with the grid view 00:05:54
15 – Visualizing pictures with the loop view 00:05:54
16 – Visualizing and rating pictures with the compare view 00:06:57
17 – Visualizing pictures with the survey view 00:02:26
18 – The people view on Lightroom 00:03:10
19 – The rating filter 00:03:04
20 – The library filter 00:07:30
21 – Organizing your pictures into collections 00:04:58
22 – Smart collections 00:03:05
23 – Deleting pictures from the catalogue and hard drive 00:03:11
24 – The Metadata 00:05:46
25 – Adding keywords 00:03:52
26 – The keyword list 00:03:59
27 – How to make a back-up in Lightroom 00:02:29
28 – Locating lost pictures 00:05:52
29 – Renaming and moving photos and folders 00:05:54
Section 5: The map tab
30 – How to use the map tab in Lightroom 00:05:53
Section 6: Lightroom and Photoshop together
31 – Editing a JPEG in Photoshop 00:06:21
32 – Editing your RAW picture in photoshop 00:03:27
33 – Opening an image as a smart object in photoshop 00:03:51
34 – How to open images as layers in Photoshop 00:04:21
Section 7: Export Pictures
35 – How to export photos with Lightroom 00:11:47
36 – Sending pictures by email with Lightroom 00:11:47
37 – Publishing pictures on Flickr and Adobe Stock 00:03:43
Section 8: The Develop tab
38 – Adjusting the white balance 00:07:35
39 – How to correct exposure 00:12:38
40 – How basic cursors affect the histogram 00:06:41
41 – How to obtain a nice black & white 00:07:33
42 – How to synchronize your settings to all of your pictures at once 00:07:21
43 – How to crop your pictures 00:07:25
44 – How to use virtual copies 00:05:45
45 – History – snapshots & reset 00:07:08
46 – The spot removal tool 00:12:37
47 – How to take away the bags under your eyes? 00:03:31
48 – How to correct red eyes 00:08:55
49 – The graduated filter 00:22:39
50 – Radial filter 00:08:41
51 – The dehaze tool 00:13:19
52 – The tone curve 00:11:32
53 – How to use the HSL setting 00:09:49
54 – Split toning 00:04:28
55 – How to improve the sharpness of a picture 00:05:35
56 – Reducing the numeric noise of a picture 00:04:49
57 – Removing Distortion, Chromatic Aberration and Improvement of Perspective 00:08:36
58 – How to give your picture an ‘aged’ affect by adding grain 00:08:36
59 – Lighting and vignetting 00:04:52
60 – How to create a panoramic picture with Lightroom 00:10:09
61 – How to use the HDR merge 00:11:49
62 – How to create an HDR panorama 00:08:03
Section 9: The Book tab
63 – The Book Tab & Photo Album Layouts 00:19:52
Section 10: The Web tab
64 – How to create a web gallery 00:13:29
Section 11: The Slideshow tab
65 – The slideshow Tab 00:23:55
Section 12: The Printing tab
66 – How to use, create and configure your photos with the Print tab 00:18:26
Lightroom course congratulations
67 – Congratulations 00:01:23
68 – Next step 00:00:00

Course Reviews


18 ratings
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  1. I have gained a lot of new information from the course.


    I would recommend the course for anyone using lightroom or just starting out.

  2. Lightroom for Idiots like Me!


    Love this course!!!

  3. Highly recommended this Lightroom course!


    I’m a beginner and find the explanations clear so far. Awesome class! Great instructor! Many thanks for this course

  4. Awesome Lightroom Course!!


    This class was very easy to follow and I feel confident in my Lightroom abilities now!

  5. Awesome course!!!!


    Every detail of the software is covered, with numerous examples and clear explanations. I went into this Lightroom course not knowing much at all about Lightroom. I now feel confident to start practicing what I have learnt and improve my skills.

  6. Outstanding course!


    I loved every second of it! I had some challenges understanding Lightroom and Photoshop in the past but not anymore. Thank you so munch

  7. Very comprehensive course


    This is a very comprehensive course. There is so much information to remember.. Wonderful job! Many thanks

  8. Lightroom or Lightroom classic


    information was very easy to follow, and I enjoyed how she explained everything.

  9. Getting Started


    Extremely clear instructions given at perfect pace.

  10. The Ultimate Lightroom Course - 2024


    Very good training video that I will refer to often as I am learning how to navigate correctly in Lightroom as I edit photos…

  11. Experience


    Its very cleasly explain point of the subject, awsome, thaks for every one who support to create these course.

  12. I highly recommend


    I was a complete beginner to Lightroom, I spent a long time deciding which course to go for, and I am so glad I picked this one. The teaching was so precise, thorough and most of all engaging. Now I feel I know enough to be proficient enough to start using Lightroom to manage all my photos. Thank you !

  13. Great info on Lightroom 2 programs


    This was very helpful to me, I have been trying to understand what the differance is between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.
    I was looking at getting Lightroom CC, however very glad I had not made a choice yet.
    Two things I don’t like with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, it does not seem like I can buy to program and download it to my Laptop and Surface Pro. Not liking idea of having to pay for monthly subscription and never own the program.
    Would like it if Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom were online program like Canva and could acess from anywhere you log in. But I guess that would mean a subscrption also.
    I understand you don’t control this.
    I am Looking forward to learning more.

    I really like how this course is set up with chapters and small units in the chapters. This has been helpful for learn in short units. And I can see it would be easy to review a unit if you don’t remember a process or tip. Very nicely done.

  14. Absolutely above expectations!


    The Lightroom course was much more than I expected, very detailed. I have done courses in the past where I find myself zoning out due to the instructor not having much enthusiasm, it was certainly not the case with this Lightroom course.

  15. The Ultimate Lightroom Course


    Having purchased the complete training package, I began with the Photoshop course and finished with the Lightroom … and I’m glad I did. Firstly, the Photoshop course gave me additional context for the Lightroom course as many concepts in the course are similar or even duplicated (shouldn’t be a surprise). Not meant as an overall criticism, more a reflection on tailored need, but I did come to realise that Lightroom has two key roles … a powerful photo collection organiser and manager and a great complimentary editor (the Develop Tab) to Photoshop … and I only really wanted the latter so some tutorials were not as relevant nor interesting (ie, Web Tab, Slideshow Tab etc). That said, I did watch everything just in case as the course is complete … so everything is there for part of the learning for someone. For me, Lightroom offers some clever edit capabilities with minimum fuss, whereas Photoshop will be the go to for more creative work. Hence, for the Lightroom Course, you need to understand your needs and tailor the tutorials accordingly … still, it present a comprehensive overview with many expressive examples so can provide most things to most people. For me, Photoshop is the winner!
    Overall, you could do Lightroom or Photoshop independently and feel both educated (sometimes amazed) and fulfilled in terms of learning … BUT, and I realise this is not for everyone … BUT, by doing the whole package you learn lots … sometimes the “ah ha” moment comes in Photoshop training, sometimes in Lightroom … by doing both you miss nothing and often understand the concept better … great value fo money, easily understood and damn well presented!!
    P.S. … Four Stars only reflects that it didn’t suit me as well as the Photoshop course … but it did help me make up my mind! … My only dilemma is that I have a personal library of 80,000 photos that I now want to go back and edit!!!

  16. The Ultimate Lightroom Course 2024


    This course worked great for me. It runs at a slow and steady speed. The instructor is not in a hurry to cover the training and explains well. Also the speed alows the student to see the mouse, or cursor. She also explains most commands both for Apple as well as for Windows computers. I am very satiisfied and will now move to the photoshop course.

  17. The Ultimate Lightroom Course


    This course has helped a lot. Thanks

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    that was great information to know.