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Types of Filters in Photoshop

It is a fact that Photoshop is amazing software. One of the great things about it is the abundant filters that it provides. Filters are more than mere tools embedded in the software; they have an identity of their own. There are different types of filters in Photoshop that can be used to create any effect that you desire. Moreover, they can even correct the composition and overall look of the image.

Different Filters in Photoshop

Read along to understand how you can use different types of filters in Photoshop to your advantage.

Blur Filters

The first thing to remember, you are mistaken if you think these filters are the types of filters only used for hiding sensitive information. Blur Filters are more than just that. Motion Blur is really fun to work with. It can add realistic motion effects to your static images. Other than that, Gaussian Blur, Radial Blur, Shape Blur, etc., soften the image with slight differences that you can play with.

Noise Filters

As the name suggests, these types of filters in Photoshop are great not only for reducing noise but also for adding it where necessary. Additionally, these also enable you to blend in odd pixels with their background. Add Noise, Reduce Noise, and Dust and Scratches are widely used to remove imperfections.

Sharpen Filters - Types of Filters in Photoshop

You will love these filters if you have ever been annoyed by blurred images. Although, the lost information and quality can never be retained. Still, these filters let you increase the clarity of the image by increasing the contrast of the blurred pixels. Sharpen Edges and Smart Sharpen let you easily bring a slightly distorted image into more focus.

Sharpen filters in photoshop

Render Filters

Render Filters are by far, one of the most advanced types of filters in Photoshop. These filters basically let you create 3D objects and manipulate them in any way possible. You can render Clouds, Fibers and even Flame using these filters. Also, you can achieve various types of Lens Flare by these filters.

Artistic Filters

As we said, different types of filters in Photoshop are not just an add-on feature, rather they can help you create a masterpiece even from scratch. For instance, Artistic Filters let you create similar results as an artist or a painter would produce on an easel. Some of the effects include Dry Brush, Film Grain, Rough Pastels, and Watercolor.

Brush Stroke Filters - Types of Filters in Photoshop

These filters are basically quite similar to the Artistic Filters. The only difference is that they create effects that mimic the results produced by different kinds of brushes and strokes a painter uses to enhance his drawings. Angled Strokes, Dark Strokes, Accentuated Edges, Spatter, and Sprayed Strokes are some of the effects that you can try. There is also a Sumi-e filter that transforms your image into a Japanese style painting. 

Pixelate Filters

These filters clump similarly colored pixels together to create an effect. For example, we use mosaic to create square patterns on the image by clumping pixels in blocks. Crystallize creates polygon shapes by the same clumping method. Similarly, you can use Color Halftone, Facet, Fragment, and more filters to create unique patterns and effects on your images. 

Distort Filters - Types of Filters in Photoshop

Unlike the name, these types of filters in Photoshop can help you achieve great results. However, greatness comes at a price. Distort Filters are rather memory hungry so your system should have enough memory installed. Both Ripple and Ocean Ripple can mimic the underwater effect by randomly generating ripples on the image. Diffuse Glow, Shear, Twirl, and Zigzag are among many effects that are at your disposal.

Distort filter

Sketch Filters

Sketch Filters use the dominant colors from the foreground as well as the background to create 3D effects. They are also used to create effects like hand-drawn images as well as fine arts projects. The sub-menu of Sketch Filter houses a lot of great filters including Chalk and Charcoal, Photocopy, Stamp, Graphic Pen, and many more that you can try.

Texture Filters

These types of filters in Photoshop are used to add texture to the image in order to make it look more organic. It can simulate the look of material to look authentic such as Grain can add different textures of grain on your image including regular, soft, clumped, and speckled. Stained Glass, Mosaic Tiles, and also many different textures are available for you to choose from. 

Custom Filter

This is surely an amazing tool. It does not have a predesigned effect rather it allows you to create any filter from scratch. It lets you change the brightness of each pixel and handles the surrounding pixels themselves. You can save your own filters and use them as much as you want.

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Conclusion - Types of Filters in Photoshop

All of these different types of filters in Photoshop are there to assist so that you can create your next masterpiece. Explore them in your own time, experiment with them in order to understand what works best with what. As a result, this will enable you to use them at full potential.


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