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Important photographic accessories

In order to take exceptional photos, it is recommended to use important photographic accessories; these tools will improve your shots effectively. Which accessories are best for good photography? In this article, we suggest a list of these photographic accessories according to three categories: external equipment, cleaning, and protective accessories.

External equipment

Firstly, beautiful photographs are not necessarily due to the right equipment; nevertheless, equipment contributes, especially when you are a beginner in photography. There is a saying that for a professional, the camera is more than enough to capture stunning images, yet, in reality, it also depends on the situation in which you find yourself, and you will soon understand why. Let’s start with the external equipment of the most important photographic accessories.

A tripod

Having an excellent and solid tripod is quite essential, especially for landscape and night shots where you have to use slower shutter speeds. In most cases, it provides the best possible stability. When buying a tripod, take into account these crucial points:
tripod photography

A remote control/cable release

Most of the time, this comes with the tripod, and it is a great ally. There are two kinds: wired and wireless. The latter is suitable for long-exposure shooting. Like the tripod, it helps with keeping stability when pressing the shutter release.

What is the Important photographic accessories

A seat

The seat initially allows the photographer to have more stability when he or she does not have a monopod. In addition, it also allows lowering the point of view in a situation where the photographer wants to avoid severed heads in his or her photos. For the sake of anecdote, although this is one of the important accessories in photography, the seats are also marketed in fishermen’s stores. Guess why?

A Gorillapod

In any case, without using a conventional tripod, it is possible to opt for a Gorillapod. It is actually a tripod with remarkable malleability. Its legs are so flexible that they can be wrapped around the branches of a tree or a pole. Also, there are several types, and some are heavier than others. Wireless remote control is necessary for this generation of tripods. This instrument is designed for photographers with a rich imagination.
accessories photography

Cleaning accessories

Dust is a photographer’s nightmare. It takes the naughty pleasure of settling in susceptible areas of your camera. Whether it is on the sensor or on the lens, the camera will quickly become clogged, and over time, the dust will become very embarrassing for the photographer. As a remedy to this problem, some important photographic accessories are highly recommended for proper cleaning. However, remember that it is not necessary to clean your device every day unless you use it in mud battles! Here are the tools to clean your device:

A blowing pear

This is used to remove dust from the sensor and lens gently. It’s a convenient tool, and there’s no risk of leaving fingerprints while cleaning. The blowing pear is better than a compressed air bomb, and its use is safe for your equipment.
blowing pear 

A microfiber cloth or towel

If there are traces of water on your lens, then you can use a microfiber cloth; however, it is strongly discouraged to use kitchen paper, a handkerchief, or your t-shirt to wipe your lens, even if it sometimes is the fastest way! This can damage your camera quicker.
Like the microfiber cloth, a mini towel allows you to clean your camera as much as possible, and due to its cotton texture, the mini towel absorbs all traces of water.

Protective accessories

The camera is an invaluable treasure to a photographer. It is as fragile as the elements that compose it, such as the sensor, the lenses, etc., and keeping your device intact becomes a daily challenge. To avoid cleaning your equipment too often, here are some handy protective accessories: 

A rain cover

When you are passionate about photography, you tend to do it almost everywhere. However, you might face some problematic conditions, such as photographing while it is raining. A real problem, isn’t it? Especially when you want to avoid damage to your camera. Fortunately, some people have designed camera covers, especially for these kinds of occasions. They have many advantages, such as:

A silicon protector

Silicone protectors are designed to avoid scratches and always protect your device as much as possible. Ideally, these protectors are tailormade for cameras, so thanks to them, your case will look new for a long time.

Camera silicon protector 

A sunshade

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find your fingers touching the front of the lens during daily use of your camera. A sunshade prevents fingerprints, flare, and reduction of contrast. Not only does it offer you full protection, but it is also useful in rainy conditions. Every detail counts in photography. Sometimes, you meet all the conditions in order to achieve a beautiful photo, but a single external factor can skew the result. It is, therefore, crucial for a photographer to arm him or herself with these essential accessories for better rendering. You can make your photos even more beautiful with refined retouches. Thanks to our Ultimate Lightroom course spread over 70 video tutorials, you will effectively learn all the aspects of photo retouching.

A professional photographer is, above all, a complete photographer.

Now you know all of the important photographic accessories.

Please give us your opinion, and also share your experience in the comments.

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