Photoshop Course Masterclass – 2024

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- What do I need to start the Photoshop Course?

Any Windows, Mac, or Mobile Device

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Transform the ordinary into extraordinary!

Have you tried to bring your vision to life, but it just didn’t match your imagination?
What if we told you that you can create composite images in order to bring your imagination to life, and then make them fabulous! You can learn all about this and much more with our fantastic Photoshop Masterclass Course, which will cover all of the essential elements that you need to know in just a short time.
You can learn all you need to know in less than one working day!

If you can imagine it, then nothing will stop you from creating it! You, too, can make exceptional artwork.

You know the feeling when you take a picture, yet are disappointed that it didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. Good news! We have a solution for you. In our Photoshop Masterclass Course, we’ll show you how to remove imperfections and make your photos look their absolute best.

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We will teach you all you need to know in order to master Photoshop in these easy-to-follow tutorials

Photoshop is huge. It contains many tools and features that are not easy to figure out on your own. Therefore, we’ll properly guide you through all the tools that will help you tackle some of the most common photo problems. Afterward, you’ll learn more complex techniques to suit all of your needs.
Whether you’re entirely new to Adobe Photoshop or you’ve played around with it, but you want to get more comfortable with this powerful program, this course will be perfect for you.

You will learn how to make improvements from straightening a horizon and changing composition to improving exposure by adding and changing color. You will also learn how to select and mask, along with many more great features. Other important elements, such as adding logos and text will also be taught.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you do not need to have any previous knowledge of Photoshop, editing, or design. We will start right at the beginning and work our way through this amazing software, step by step.
At the end of this training, you will be able to use all of the essential Photoshop tools and features; thus, mastering this fabulous software.
You’ll progress even faster with our exercise files (available for download) where you can follow along with the videos.

- In this Photoshop course, you'll enjoy the following:

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- Why would I need Photoshop?

Retouching is used everywhere, and from corporate headshots to your favourite magazine cover, editing is an essential skill that can basically help you in any niche of photography and design.
Learn how to remove imperfections, clean up untidy hair, add more color, play with saturation, and sharpen like a pro. Whether it’s simple retouching or transforming your entire image, with Photoshop, you have all the professional editing tools that you need to reveal the best in your images.

Furthermore, you’ll be comfortable navigating in Photoshop, creating new projects, designing anything you imagine, and saving it for any purpose.
In this complete Photoshop Masterclass course, you’ll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Adobe Photoshop, but also how to design great graphics for your business, social media, or for fun. Family invitations, calendars, and anything you can think of is now in your reach.

- What if I get stuck?

We are here for you! We have created our online courses to help you reach your dreams – it’s always the relationship that matters to us more than the transaction.
The Complete Adobe Photoshop Training Course is specially designed with the best possible support. However, if you ever get stuck or have any questions, our team is here to help you 24/7. Just get in touch and our quick support will ensure that you’re never disappointed.

- Unlimited Access for Life

One of the best things about our courses is that you can log in to your account from anywhere, whenever you want, and access your training easily!

Once you join the Photoshop course, you’ll have access for life; therefore, you can go back to any lesson you want as many times as you need to. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, and most importantly, when you want to.

Photoshop Course MasterclassPhotoshop Course Masterclass After

- We promise!

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with our Adobe Photoshop training and you would like a full refund, please submit a request within 30 days of your purchase. We will refund your purchase, no questions asked!

Your original payment method will be credited with the full order amount.

With our 100% money back guarantee, there is certainly nothing stopping you from joining our Photoshop Masterclass Course now!

- Hop right in and start your first lesson!​

We’ve made it extremely easy for you to learn Photoshop by taking you through all of the tools until you’re comfortable and confident with them.

In conclusion, our Photoshop course will allow you to master the features used by top photographers and designers. Learn how to edit a photo, make photomontages, and apply effects by using layers and filters.
You will find the full list of different tutorials that make up the training below.

Follow the Photoshop Masterclass Course and make your photos amazing!

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Course Curriculum

01 – Welcome to Photoshop Beginner to Pro 00:01:12
01-1 – Download Photoshop 00:00:00
02 – Exercise files 00:00:52
Getting Started in Photoshop
03 – How to open a photo in Photoshop 00:06:11
04 – How to open a photo in Photoshop using Lightroom 00:04:28
05 – Workspace in Photoshop 00:08:10
06 – Working with multiple photos 00:03:21
07 – How to zoom in and out in Photoshop 00:12:42
08 – Different screen modes 00:03:33
09 – Rotating an image 00:02:27
Image and Size
10 – Pixels 00:01:25
11 – Image Size 00:07:25
12 – Preserve Details 2.0 00:05:04
13 – DPI 00:05:05
History and export
14 – History 00:07:33
15 – How to save a photo in Photoshop 00:09:21
16 – How to save a file in JPG format using Photoshop 00:07:02
Crop and Straighten
17 – How to crop an image using Photoshop 00:08:02
18 – How to straighten a crooked photo 00:03:10
19 – Content-Aware Option 00:02:28
20 – How to straighten a perspective using Photoshop 00:01:27
Using Layers
21 – Working with layers 00:09:15
22 – How to use the grid & guide in Photoshop 00:06:08
23 – How to Auto-align Layers 00:11:16
24 – Creating groups of layers 00:06:28
25 – Merging Layers 00:03:33
26 – How to choose a color 00:03:03
Adjusting Color
27 – Colour Libraries 00:01:16
28 – Eyedropper Tool 00:02:18
29 – Colour Shortcuts 00:01:31
The Brush Tool
30 – Brush Shortcuts & Selection 00:07:23
31 – How to use the brush tool 00:07:22
Fusion Mask
32 – Lens Flares and Layer Masks 00:09:10
33 – Opacity & Gradient 00:04:31
Selection Tools
35 Rectangular Marquee Tool 00:04:31
36 – Elliptical Marquee Tool 00:02:31
37 – The Lasso Tool 00:02:06
38 – The Polygonal Lasso Tool 00:04:19
39 – Quick Selection Tool 00:09:14
40 – Difficult Clipping 00:03:30
41 – Select Subject 00:05:14
42 – Colour Range 00:05:02
Delete / Modify / Move
43 – Removing Objects from a photo 00:16:29
44 – Indestructible Editing 00:03:32
45 – Content Aware Tool 00:04:10
Smart Object
46 – Using Smart Objects 00:06:18
47 – Different transform techniques 00:11:36
48 – Lens & Perspective Correction 00:10:01
The Important Settings
49 – Adjustment Layer with Black & White 00:09:08
50 – Histograms 00:10:15
51 – Levels 00:06:14
52 – Feathering 00:02:22
53 – Curves 00:04:31
54 – Hue Vibrance Saturation 00:08:13
Filter and Sharpness
55 – Filters 00:06:01
56 – How to improve the sharpness of a picture 00:08:16
57 – Editing with camera raw as a filter 00:07:34
58 – Congratulations 00:01:17
59 – Next step 00:00:00

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    For the past few days, I’ve been watching & trying to follow along with my Photoshop program. I watch what is told to me, and then try and do it in my Photoshop. I found that it is not all that easy to do. Switching back & forth from one to the other gets a bit confusing at times. I have to watch it over & over again until I get it right. I have 2 courses to learn, learning one at a time. I do like them and the instructor who made them. I keep going on.
    Thank you
    Les Barr
    [email protected]

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    Good explanation and easy to get involve.

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    The instructor is very detailed in his delivery and makes everything look simple with step-by-step instructions. The resources for practice are very well chosen to explain the topic. Highly recommended and looking forward to more courses.

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    People call me to do their photography work everyday, and I wanted to take my pictures to the next level so I got this course and wow!!!!I love the course I could go back and review many times. I learned a lot about photoshop and I mean a lot! If you are a beginners or not just the input and the things she take about is amazing!!!

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    Although the Lrc is quite complex I can see it will become easier as time goes on. The tutorial orator has a pleasant voice and obviously an expert in her field. There is no umming and erring which keeps you on track with what is being explained.
    Well done.

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    As an amateur new to photography I struggled for months trying to understand Photoshop through numerous hours of watching tutorials on U-Tube videos and through the purchasing of several instruction books. I still after all that struggled with getting comfortable enough to use photoshop for what it can do to improve my photography. Finally, I discovered this course and thought it is pricey I felt it was still worth a shot. The money I paid was worth every dime as now I feel I have made a quantum leap in getting that fundamental understanding to make Photoshop work for me. The instructor takes her time in developing the building blocks that allows the student to grasp the fundamental concepts to build on. At the end and with lots of practice and the re-reviewing of the tutorials and examples that are given, I finally have succeeded in my goal of using Photoshop as a powerful editing tool. Now it can be argued that the course may not take you to a level of being a Pro. However I will argue that it gives you the fundamental understanding that allows you to venture out and experiment with all the features that Photoshop offers and from that you can say that you are then a Pro. Highly recommend this product to beginners and starters.

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    As a hobbyist photographer and a Lightroom user, I found this course exceptional for the beginner (me). To have each category to go back to for assistance is of great value. I also found this course to be like actually being in a classroom, because I’m a visual person, to work with the same photos as in the lessons made everything so much easier to work with.

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