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In the last decade, the photography society has seen a substantially major trend in buying mirrorless cameras. Light, compact, and powerful image-capturing gadgets. These are the traits often associated with mirrorless cameras. Since there is no moving mirror, they are also quieter and relatively much smaller than ordinary DSLRs. In addition to their size, they are also remarkably lightweight compared to the monstrous DSLRs like the Mark series. At first, figuring out the right DSLR to buy alone was an uphill battle. Now, there is another classification in it so it has comparatively become yet even harder. These days most of the new buyers who are proportionately newer in this field, are inclined towards buying the best mirrorless cameras.

However, the same age-old question arrives here. Which one to consider buying? Hence, the raison d’etre for this article. In this article, we put forth a list of considerations to ponder upon when aiming for the next mirrorless camera. So, without further ado, let’s get into the basics of some things we will look for in each camera. Furthermore, on what basis and on what aspects, will we be judging them. Establishing this baseline, the following is a list of Best Mirrorless Cameras to buy.

Nikon Z6 II:

The number one spot on our list goes to Nikon Z6 II. Although considered as an update to the previous Z6 it should still be considered as the best camera of this year. What it offers on the table isn’t just limited to image quality. Z6 II boasts a full-frame sensor and constitutes a 3.2-inch tilt-angle touchscreen monitor that excels at handling. Additionally, it provides for a 24.5 MP resolution and shoots 4K at 30p. Fairly good, considering its price but still lags in terms of professional video shooting. What we can’t stress enough is its handling. Truly, an achievement for Nikon to listen to their fans and provide what they rooted for. Aside from all that, the autofocus is quite amazing too. The Z6 alone offered great autofocus. Similarly, the Z6 II follows the same route and aims for providing an even better autofocus experience.

Canon EOS R5 - Best Mirrorless Cameras

Canon eos R5 mirrorless camera

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Second, in our list of Best Mirrorless cameras to buy, comes Canon EOS R5. Dubbed as not just one of the best mirrorless cameras, but the best cameras for capturing stills. Offering a resolution of 45 MP and phenomenal autofocus, Canon EOS R5 is full of positive reviews. For the photographers, it is the jam. However, for the ones aiming for capturing motion pictures i.e., videographers it has its limitations. That is to say that the battery life isn’t too much of an ice breaker.

It can go for a few hours capturing stills on one battery charge but still, it has its downs. But do keep in mind this mere fact should not change your views regarding its quality. Because of quality, Canon EOS R5 doesn’t compromise. Shoots 4K at 120 fps and 8K at 30 fps. Take that hater! All this, however, doesn’t come at a cheap price. This beast of specs put the R5 at a staggering price of $3899.

Fujifilm X-T30

We know that the price shock the previous camera gave you was a bit of a dealbreaker. So, don’t feel hopeless and sad. For Fujifilm X-T30 is here. This mirrorless camera has its ups and downs but one should be able to fathom that this provides the best value. Relatively cheaper in this niche of best mirrorless cameras to buy, X-T30 holsters APS-C sensor size and a 26.1 MP resolution. Considering that it is cheaper than most cameras in the same category, this becomes easier to swallow. Besides, it shoots 4K videos at 30 Fps so we think it’s a good package. This robust and stylish mirrorless camera with a promise of not compromising quality is around $799.
Mirrorless camera settings

Sony A1 - Best Mirrorless Cameras

We might owe an apology for introducing Sony contrarily late in the list of best mirrorless cameras. This Sony mirrorless camera isn’t aimed at amateurs. The menus controls are a bit harder to master and quite complex for new photographers. The reviews have, however, showed positivity towards it since a mirrorless camera that shoots raw 8K vids paired with quick AF isn’t a common phenomenon. In addition to that, the resolution opts for 50.1 MP and the sensor size is Full-frame CMOS. All this, however, doesn’t come cheaper. Sony A1 stands at a wallet-shaking price of $6500.

Conclusion - Best Mirrorless Cameras

In conclusion, this list is aimed at providing a bird’ eye view of the best ones to buy that are being considered by the reviewers. We have included their price, briefings on their ergonomics as well as their specs. Additionally, our advice would be to research these yourselves too and find the one that suits your wallet. Lastly, that’s all folks! Happy snapping.

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