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Tips for Travel Photography

During these Covid lockdowns, many have thought of taking travel photography as a profession. The major reason behind this could be the never-ending stay at home. If you are one of these people, planning to start a career in travel photography, there are some things that you should know. This guide lists tips for travel photography which will help you along the way.

Get to Know the Location

The first thing to remember while planning your travel is to know as much about your destination as possible. This step has been made so easy with the help of technology. With a few google searches, you can learn about the weather of the location and all the major routes leading there. Also, it is pretty easy to find landmarks as well using maps. In a way, Google can be considered the best travel photography guide. Moreover, when you arrive at the location, you should try to explore it as well. This will give you some ideas such as the best points where the lighting is just perfect.

Choosing the Right Lens - Tips for Travel Photography

The next step is to look for the right lens to pair with your camera. Of course, the lens also depends on your photography style. However, one of the best tips for travel photography is to carry a single versatile lens. The versatility means that it should be able to get all the shots you desire while still being lightweight and portable. For this purpose, the best lens that you can carry is a superzoom lens. It not only gives you standard zoom but also the features of a telephoto lens in a single package. Also, try to get an 18-200mm lens which is ideal regarding weight and capabilities.
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Essential Equipment for Your Backpack

Now that you have your camera and lens all set up, it is time to gather the rest of the equipment as well. Firstly, the importance of extra batteries and memory cards cannot be emphasized enough. There is no telling how much time and tries it will take to get that perfect shot. Therefore, always be prepared. Also, always pack rain gear with you as well. Just like the previous reason, there is no telling when the clouds will start to pour. So, you must have some waterproof covers to protect your precious equipment. Lastly, a sturdy but lightweight tripod is also a must-have for travel photographers.

Get Creative with the Composition

Learning how to frame your image is an extremely crucial task. No travel photography guide is complete without properly guiding through the composition process. The first step is to understand that it is not just about the subject of your image, the background plays an important part as well. Make sure that the horizon is straight or is there enough blank space around the subject. Moreover, you need to know some of the techniques that professionals use. Rule of Thirds and Leading Lines are among the most common and widely used. Basically, in the first one, you enable the grid view in your camera and place the key subjects on the intersecting points of the grid. And, leading lines is a concept of using lines such as road, rivers to draw attention towards the main subject of the image.

Do not forget the Human Element

You might have the misconception that travel photography is all about new places and landmarks. On the contrary, it is the human element that gives travel photography its essence. Among the less widely known tips for travel, photography is to capture a human connection with those places as well. It will help you and the viewers as well to connect with the place. 

Tips for travel photography

Have Patience - Tips for Travel Photography

Now, one of the most difficult tips for travel photography is to have patience while you shoot. It can be difficult for beginners; however, professionals know that sometimes, it may take a few days to capture the perfect moment. Therefore, always be prepared for spending a lot of time when you plan your shoots. 

Be Safe

Unfortunately, telling you to be safe is also a part of a travel photography guide. Although, travel photographers would love to roam free in any part of the world, however, it is a bit dangerous to do so. Take measures for your safety as well for instance, always tell your close ones of your location so they can do something if something goes amiss.

Conclusion - Tips for Travel Photography

This guide contains all the essential tips for travel photography. An important thing to realize is that the traveling moments may not last very long, therefore, make the most out of your time. Remember to have fun and socialize with the locals. Also, keep learning and improving your photography skills.

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