Tips for Wedding Photography

Are you thinking about trying your hand at wedding photography but do not know where to start? Worry not, we understand that weddings can be quite tricky to shoot. This basic guide covers tips for wedding photography that are sure to help you along the way.

What is Wedding Photography?

The very first tip is to understand that wedding photography is very different than all other kinds of photography. You do not get enough time to set up perfect scenes but rather you have to work with what you get. Every element of a wedding is so intimate and at the same time happening so fast that if you do not pay attention, you may miss golden moments. This may be true that event photography such as weddings is a bit hectic but pros know how to manage workflow to get the best results. Let us give you some tips for wedding photography that will make your work easier.

Partner Up with a Pro

The most important thing while learning any kind of photography is to get inspiration from pros. Similarly, for wedding photography, you should start by assisting a professional. It will not only help you get familiar with the workflow of all the processes but it will also allow you to learn from their experience. 

Moreover, weddings are almost always covered by more than one photographer. So, even if you learn everything, it would be best to partner up with a pro. The reason behind this is that you will need different lenses for group and portrait photos. Instead of changing lenses, it is better to have two extra hands on another camera.

Prepare Your Equipment - Tips for Wedding Photography

A wedding is a very precious day not only for the couple but for the guests as well. It would be a shame if your equipment fails on the wedding day. For this reason, one of the most important tips for wedding photography is to check your equipment the day before the event. Also, it would be even safer to pack extra accessories in case of emergencies. 

Wedding couple - Best tips for wedding photography

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Pre-Plan Your Shot List

Now that your team and equipment are ready, it is time to pre-plan a shot list. By shot list, we mean that you should prepare a list containing different shots that you would want to take. For this purpose, you can even get inspiration from the works of other wedding photographers. This step is done to save time by already figuring out the results of your work. 

Scout the Location

Now, scouting the location for the wedding is always a plus for the photographer. Although pros do not worry about this it is still better to check the location out. The main advantage of doing this is that you get to know about the lighting conditions of the location and you may also get some test shots while you are there. Test shots will allow you to adjust the settings beforehand.

Prioritize Family - Tips for Wedding Photography

All of these best wedding photography tips will be useless if you miss key members of the family. There is a simple way to know the family members during the event. For this purpose, you should ask that someone from the family help you during this. That person will make sure that nobody misses the family group photos. Also, identifying the family will help you capture beautiful reactions, for example photos of children, parents or grandparents maybe.

Look for Details

Even small details matter in event photography, especially weddings. For this reason, you must develop a keen eye to look for these. As we have said before, wedding photography is more than just about the couple. Although they are the main spotlight, the goal is to capture all of the happiness spread throughout the venue. 

However, it should also be noted that people move a lot at weddings. So, when you are shooting, make sure that no-one disturbs the background.

Couple in sunset - Tips for Wedding Photography

Be Ready for Mistakes

The first thing to remember about weddings is that it is quite common that something goes unplanned or maybe some mistakes happen. A wedding photographer can, sometimes, even find some golden shots in these unexpected moments. Therefore, always be on the lookout for these happenings as well.

Lighting Setup

In most cases, lighting is not in the hands of the photographer. But, scouting the location helps you determine the best points of the venue. Additionally, you can use diffused light, such as from windows, to produce some unique images. 

Editing to fix lighting

In any case, you cannot control the lighting. The only thing that you can do is shoot in RAW format. This is one of the best wedding photography tips if you are just starting. Although, these will take more time to process they will allow you to make more changes in the editing process with different editing software. You can learn to edit like a professional with amazing online courses available on Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials.

Communicate with the Couple

Lastly, you must form a friendly relation with the couple. It will allow them to get comfortable around you. Additionally, you can even tell them what kind of shots you are planning, before the event. On the other hand, you should also remember to be respectful of their boundaries to avoid any conflict.

Conclusion - Tips for Wedding Photography

In summary, these tips for wedding photography will help you to apply your skills in a fast environment where every minute counts. Preparation is key in these moments; however, you will only learn when you start practicing. Remember to have fun as well!

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