How to Batch Edit in Lightroom

For a photographer, the best part is behind the lens. However, the outcome of the picture is prepared behind a computer screen. Now, we understand that after a photoshoot, it can be somewhat hectic to apply the same edit on every image one by one. The best solution to this problem is Batch editing. Therefore, let us learn how to batch edit in Lightroom.

What is Batch Editing?

Before we put the spotlight on the main process, let us understand what it does. It is quite common for photographers to return to their studio or home with hundreds or even thousands of images after a shoot. If you were to apply a filter on all of the images individually, it would certainly take your hours if not days. That is where batch editing comes in. As the name suggests, it allows you to edit multiple photos at once. You will learn how to batch edit in Lightroom on a desktop in detail. As a bonus, this article also arms you with the knowledge of batch editing in Lightroom Mobile.

Batch Editing Photos

Batch Editing Photos in Lightroom

Photo edited in Lightroom.

The first step to batch editing is to take a single picture and apply all of the filters or edit it as you like. Similarly, the edits applied to this image can be applied to all the images using the following steps.

Another important to know while learning how to batch edit in Lightroom is that each edit or filter can still be modified even after applying to all images. For this purpose, simply select the filter that you want to modify, then select the pin that appears. After that, simply move it to change as much as you like.

Applying Presets

It is important to realize that the above method deals with the process where you edit one image yourself and then copy those edits to other images. However, you should also know how to apply a preset on all of the images. 

Simply, select it from the library. Before you apply it to all images, preview it on one image. The preview can be done by double-clicking on one of the photos after selecting a preset. Then, if you are happy with the results, you should Sync the settings as we did in the previous method. 

Batch editing - How to do batch edit in Lightroom

How to Batch Edit in Lightroom Mobile

Similar to the desktop version, Lightroom Mobile also packs great features. However, the function of batch editing was only recently added to it. This is extremely good news for those photographers who are always on the clock. Sometimes you would not have your laptop or desktop near you, in those cases, Lightroom Mobile will save the day for you. 

Learn batch editing in Lightroom Mobile with the following simple steps.  

This is the easiest method for batch editing while you are on the run. Moreover, if you want to make it easier, you can even download preset packs for Lightroom Mobile. Copying the settings of the preset and pasting them on the images is, without doubt, the most convenient method for photographers. 

Conclusion - How to Batch Edit in Lightroom

Lightroom is one of the top editing software present in the market today. To sum it all up, learning how to batch edit in Lightroom, whether on desktop or mobile, is pretty simple. These methods will streamline your editing process. However, if you need to deliver all of the images to your client, it would be safe if you recheck each image after editing. Doing so will allow you to find any imperfect image and give you the chance of perfecting it. For more advanced features such as smart filtersPhotoshop is recommended.

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