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Amazon Product Photography Tips

If you are thinking or even ready to launch your product on Amazon, one of the major problems that you will face is product photography. Although there are professional photographers available, you would not want to spend a hefty sum on that just at the start, right? Well, if this is the case, then you are at the right place. We have listed the best Amazon product photography tips that will help you in taking great pictures.

Can Product Photography Increase Conversion Rates?

Before we move on to the tips, we need to make sure you know the time you put in learning these tips will be worth it. You might have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But what does that mean in terms of product photography? The answer is simple, a product photograph is like the first impression of the product. And if that first impression does not look great, then you can imagine your sales will not be great either. This Amazon product photography guide will help you take your listing to the next level.

Follow Amazon’s Requirements

The very first thing you need to do is to search Amazon’s technical requirements for product photography. The reason behind this is that you do not want to spend a lot of time on photography just to have your images rejected by Amazon. Following are some of the basic guidelines but you should head over to their site as well:

Build Your Brand - Amazon Product Photography Tips

One of the most important Amazon product photography tips is to not think of this process as an individual. For instance, if you take best-sellers of the platform, then you will observe that they have a consistent theme. Of course, if you just want to launch one product, skip this part. However, if you have several products, then the presentation would matter a lot as well. All of your product photographs should look like they come from a single source.
Amazon on phone - Amazon Product Photography Tips

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Make Use of White Space

The very first mistake beginners make is to try to make the background more vibrant. That works in some cases, but ever wondered why almost every e-commerce site has its products listed with white backgrounds. The reason behind this is that viewers only want the product and the white background puts the product in focus. Additionally, it also highlights the build quality of the product.

Avoid Cluttering the Background

When it comes to online shopping, your images tell the customers what they are buying. However, if you add more items besides your product, it may lead them to believe that those items are included with the product as well. This is one of those Amazon product photography tips that will save you from a lot of negative reviews. Try to avoid additional items as much as you can. However, if it is essential for aesthetics or any other purpose, then make sure to mention that it does not come with the product.

Include Lifestyle Images

In previous tips, we discussed how a clean background helps with the aesthetics and for putting the focus on the product. However, you should also add at least one image where the product is being used in the desired environment. For instance, you can show kitchen utensils being used during cooking. This will convey that the product is durable as well as practical.
Amazon product - Amazon Product Photography Tips

Add an Infographic - Amazon Product Photography Tips

Again, your main image should just be the product, as it will attract the viewers. However, the child images need to be aesthetic as well as informative. For this purpose, add an infographic as well which lists the key features of your product. As a matter of fact, human brains process images more quickly than text. Therefore, make sure to add at least one infographic.

Lighting is Key

One of the best Amazon product photography tips that you can get is to make sure that you have the right lighting. The reason behind this is that poor lighting can deliver a fatal blow to your listings. For product photography, you need bright soft light. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can use whiteboards as reflectors. Place the reflectors so that the product is evenly illuminated. Additionally, you can search how to make a light-box which will help you in getting a diffused light.

Be Creative with Product Placement and Angles

First of all, try to use the maximum number of photos allowed by Amazon. However, try to be creative with each image as redundancy can lead to decreased sales. For instance, you can experiment with different angles. For the main image, the image should include as much of the product as possible. However, you can take images from the sides, top, or even bottom for the child images. Also, if you are placing your product on a holder, make sure that the holder does not obstruct any part of the product.

Conclusion - Amazon Product Photography Tips

Lastly, try to take the images in the highest resolution your camera supports. You need the images as crisp as possible. Now, we are hopeful that these Amazon Product Photography Tips will help take your brand to the next level. But as you know, the more effort you put in, the better the result will be.

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