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Every new year, Apple introduces its hallmark phone series, the Apple iPhone. This year they introduced iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini. Not a revolution over the past year’s iPhone but still quite an achievement as far as the cameras are concerned. A point to be noted here is that the iPhone 12 Pro was already and still is, a great one for doing photography. It shoots excellent quality photos, the pro mode is insane and if you are shooting in low light, it does that great as well. However, this time, Apple has improved more on all that was found in iPhone 12 and gave it a slight tweak. In our article, we will be reviewing the new iPhone 13 series as a camera owner.

Has the time finally come that people start replacing their DSLRs with iPhones? Have we officially entered that era where we start shooting movies from our smartphones? Let us find it out in our iPhone 13 camera review:


First, in our iPhone 13 camera review, let us find how many cameras the phone boasts. The simple iPhone 13 and the mini version have 2 cameras. The pro versions, however, integrate 3 cameras. The image sensor itself is quite a significant improvement over the iPhone 12. The wider f.1.5 aperture is not only good for creating shallow depth of field but in shooting low light as well. Yes, the new and wider image sensor allows for up to 2.2x improvement in low light photography. So, all those night crawling photographers out there, get excited. The wider aperture also allows for excellent neon bokeh photography at night. This reminds us of Brandon Woelfel, a neon photographer. He must own this. Now let’s discuss the other 2 cameras briefly in our iPhone 13 Camera review:

Telephoto Lens

Camera review of iPhone 13

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iPhone 12 had already a good enough telephoto lens which allowed for 2.5x zoom. Although nothing compared to s21 ultra’s 10x optical zoom, it still offered great quality. This time, though, iPhone 13 Pro boasts a telephoto lens that allows for 3x optical zoom as well as 77mm focal length. So, for all you portrait photographers out there, this one is a total grab.

Super Wide lens and Shooting Macro

Next, in our iPhone 13 camera review, we discuss the new feature that has been recently integrated into the upgrade. This time, the super-wide lens allows you to take photos up to 2cm from your subject. As an enthusiast of macro photography, this fills me up. 2cm closer to your subject and you can capture the beauty of the subject in a rather gorgeous way. Sands, flowers, the human eye, skin, and pet feature, you name it. I saw a close-up macro shot of a leaf taken from iPhone 13 Pro posted on a forum and got shocked to see the details. Everything came to life. The super-wide lens also features an f/1.8 aperture which gives a 92 percent improvement to the previous lens. This allows for shooting in low-light environments. In addition, the macro lens is not just limited to the photos. The videos, too, feature a super-wide lens so now you can shoot macro videos and that too in slo-mo and timelapse. A significant improvement in terms of a camera to the past year, nonetheless. It must be noted here that the ultra-wide lens also features autofocus. I think this alone says it all.
Camera review iPhone 13

Other Features - iPhone 13 Camera Review

Discussing software features in our iPhone 13 camera review, we put forth cinematic mode. The new cinematic mode adds an extra professional level touch to your videos. The camera focuses dynamically when shooting videos. Wherever you touch, the camera will focus on that subject. Another tiny detail we found in the iPhone 13 cinematic mode was, when the character on screen gazes away, the focus shifts. Tiny, yet a remarkable achievement for smartphone cameras. After you have shot the video, you can edit the focus to your liking when post-processing in the application. You can adjust the amount of bokeh and the depth of field to your liking as well. Then comes, ProRes. iPhone 13 features a video codec, ProRes, which compresses the video file whilst retaining the sharp quality and good colors of the original footage. This feature is excellent for post-processing and comes in handy a lot when you don’t want to wait for processing. It also allows for 4k Pro at 30fps. Also, from the software to the hardware, the new A15 coupled with iOS 15 allows for a much smoother experience.

Conclusion - iPhone 13 Camera Review

To simply conclude everything up, this was our iPhone 13 camera review. Final verdict? As mentioned previously, it is certainly not a revolution over the previous iPhone 12 but it is something. If should you get it or not is your concern then we must insist if you are an owner of an old phone who wants a phone with a better camera. This is it. But if you are still rocking iPhone 12, then it depends on how much are you in dire need of a new phone. At last, iPhone 13 certainly sets new boundaries for other smartphone cameras to aim towards.

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