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Essential tools in Lightroom

Post-processing is undeniably one of the most important fundamentals in the world of photography. The quality of your photos greatly depends on the photo editing software you are using. So, choosing the perfect and the most efficient software is essential. Photoshop and Lightroom are the most advanced photo editing software that are always the first choice of photographers and digital artists. The main difference between both software is that Photoshop is used for advanced editing and manipulation while Lightroom is used for retouching and color grading. Learning how to use Lightroom is an essential part of the journey to becoming a professional photographer. In this article, we will go through some of the most essential tools in Lightroom that will help give your photos an extraordinary look.

Clarity tool:

To get a professional feel in the photos, they must be crisp and sharp. Most of the times photographers enhance the clarity and sharpness in the post-processing. For this purpose, Lightroom has a great adjustment tool i.e. Clarity tool. It basically works on the contrast of the mid-tones in a photo without affecting the whole photo. Increased contrast in specific areas of the image produces a more crisp feel. It can dramatically alter the sense of depth in a photograph. Be careful to not overuse this slider as unnecessary contrast will destroy the aesthetics of the image.

Texture tool:

Second on the list is a relatively new addition to the develop module i.e. texture tool. The function of this tool is quite similar to the clarity tool. However, as the name suggests, it specifically works on making the textures pop out. The texture tool helps out in the areas where using the clarity can be a bit daunting such as fabrics and other highly detailed patterns. Similarly, it might not be suitable in the images where clarity tools work perfectly. For instance, while working with skin tones.

HSL sliders - Essential tools in Lightroom

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. The HSL sliders in Lightroom are the primary tools that you need to get a hold of in order to professionally color grade your photos. Every color has a unique HSL value. With the HSL sliders, Lightroom provides a dedicated tool to alter the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance values individually. Even the smallest adjustments with the HSL sliders can change the whole theme of the photo. So start using this amazing tool for precise and perfect color grading.  
Lightroom on a tablet - Essential tools in Lightroom

Photo edited in Lightroom.

Sharpness Tool:

No one wants to end up with blurry photos after a tiring photo session. Here the sharpness tool comes to the rescue. It simply pops up the details in your photo. You can also use it to make up for the compression while uploading photos on social media platforms. On average a 30% increase in the sharpness can cope up with the cruel compression algorithms which frustrate the photographers while sharing their art. This is surely one of the most essential tools in Lightroom. However, don’t get too dependent on it. Practice and work on your subject focusing skills during the photo sessions.

Vignette tool - Essential tools in Lightroom

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it totally changes the air in a photograph. It is not a versatile tool like the other essential Lightroom tools in this list. It produces two kinds of vignettes. If you move the slider towards the left, then it will create a white shade. Whereas, if you move the slider towards the right, it will create darker vignettes.

Tint Slider:

You might have seen photos with a greenish atmosphere, looking like they are straight out of a film camera. That greenish tint is produced by sliding the tint slider towards the left. It is basically a derivation of the white balance but it helps with changing the colors that are not much affected by the white balance settings. The tint slider has two tints i.e. greens and magenta. If you want to change the atmosphere of your photo to a magical pink, then move the slider towards the right. The green tints can help you a lot in landscape photos, etc. The magenta tints are amazing for retouching skin tones.


Presets are one of the most popular features Lightroom has to offer. It completely changes the game for photographers who don’t have enough time to sit in front of the computer screens. With the color presets, you can apply all the pre-saved edits with just one click. Select the preset, perform a few adjustments according to the photo, and boom, you are ready to go. You can not only make your own presets but also download presets from your favorite photographers and editors.

Conclusion - Essential tools in Lightroom

If you want to become a true expert and a professional photographer, then learn how to use all these essential tools in Lightroom. Lightroom can be a complicated software for beginners. However, with our amazingly crafted courses, you will learn to use all these essential tools and more just like a professional. Always keep learning new skills.

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