How to do Fashion Photography

If there ever was a genre of photography surrounded by glamour, it is fashion photography. There are great outfits, majestic stages, blindingly beautiful lights everywhere. There’s even more glamour but it is critical to mention that it does take some time to get there. If you are thinking about getting into this profession but do not know how to do fashion photography, well, that’s what we are here for. Let us get you started with some essential tips and tricks which will surely help you learn this craft.

Camera Equipment

Let us start with the tips for fashion photography with camera equipment. First of all, just like every other genre of photography, there is no single camera that is perfect for fashion. However, some cameras are more suitable for this genre than others. In a broad sense, if you are thinking about doing it professionally, then it will be better that you either get a full-frame or a medium-format camera. Now, two other essential pieces of equipment that you need are a tripod, or even a monopod, and a battery grip.

Perfect Lens for Fashion Photography

Again, there is no single lens for fashion photography but the main debate is between a 35mm and a 50mm prime lens. To select one, you should know the advantages and weaknesses of both lenses. In a nutshell, the 35mm offers a wider field of view and is slightly sharper than the 50mm lens. Whereas, the 50mm has a longer focal length and is inherently better at the isolation of the subject. It is more of a personal preference but if your main work is going to be inside a studio, then the 35mm lens is better for you as it is more suitable in a closed location. Additionally, you should know how to do fashion photography with other types of lenses as well such as telephoto or even fisheye to get diverse results.
How to do Fashion Photography of a girl

Lighting Setup for Fashion Photography

This is one of the most important tips for fashion photography: Lighting is key. In most cases, your camera equipment would not even matter if your lighting is mediocre. There are numerous techniques for enhancing lighting that you can explore on your own time but let us give you some pointers. First, you are going to need setups for both studio and outdoor lighting. For a studio, massive units such as strobes are more suitable, whereas you can use small battery-powered lights outdoors. Other than that, you are going to need diffusers, reflectors, and even softboxes.

Camera Settings

Now that your setup is complete, let us learn how to do fashion photography with that equipment. First of all, tune your camera to get the best pictures. The very first thing that you need to remember is to always shoot in RAW. It captures more image data which helps in post-processing. Other than that, you need to keep a check on the white balance and exposure. Remember a pro-tip; if you have to choose between under or overexposure, always choose underexposure as it can be easily modified in the editing phase. Take some practice shots before you begin so that you can better adjust the settings according to the environment.

Compositional Tips

The challenge that fashion photography poses is that you do not have to just highlight the model but their outfit as well. No matter what compositional technique you use, the outfit should be highlighted. For instance, you can use props and different poses to make the image more interactive but they should not obstruct the details of the outfit. Understanding composition is a major part of learning how to do fashion photography. You should start with basics such as centered frame and rule of thirds. A centered frame is self-evident, you simply place your model in the center of the frame and try to create symmetry with the background. Rule of thirds works with a grid which can be enabled from the camera settings. You just place your model on one of the intersections of the lines for a better composition. Other than these, try to include a background that is not distracting but still adds to the overall mood and theme of the outfit. Although not very common but you can try to portray a visual story with your images to make it more engaging.
How to do fashion photography on beach

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Get Inspiration

Just like every other type of photography, it can be quite confusing to learn how to do fashion photography on your own. It is better that you try to learn from a veteran fashion photographer. If that is not possible, then the best way is to follow some renowned fashion photographers on social media. However, try not to copy their styles, just learn from them and use their techniques to create your own.


If you have some idea about fashion photography, you would know that retouching can either break or make an image. Therefore, you must invest some time to learn how to do some high-end retouching using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Conclusion - How to do Fashion Photography

No doubt that fashion photography is one of the most interesting and fun types of photography but it comes with its own set of obstacles. It is very competitive, that is why you need to learn the ins and outs of this field and make your own space in it. This guide will teach you how to do fashion photography but you will only master it with practice and experience. So, go and get some experience.

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