There were days when you might have argued on the need for a mobile photo editing app. That’s because smartphone cameras were not very advanced back then. The basic use of editing on a phone was to provide some quick settings on the go. However, today, smartphones rival digital cameras in quality as well as resolution. That is precisely why we need the very best apps on our phones to complement the cameras. These apps have also become very professional and pack very high-quality tools as you will see later on in the article. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the best mobile photo editing apps for you. Worry not about the complexity; they are still easy to use, despite being very advanced. 


Snapseed by Google is one of the most advanced, yet simple-to-use mobile photo editing app. It is available for free on both iOS and Android. Of course, it packs all of the must-have tools and features that define a photo editing app. However, it rivals even desktop apps in advanced AI tools such as Selective Editing, Brush, and Healing. Mobile editing apps primarily focus on convenience. That’s why you will love the preset feature on Snapseed. You can either save your own settings in a preset or even use other presets available online. First, you have to find a preset that you like and then simply scan its QR code to apply it to your picture.
Snapseed mobile editing app

Photoshop Express - Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

Photoshop Express

You might not be a stranger to Adobe Photoshop’s great desktop apps. Basically, they have taken some of the best features from their suite of desktop apps and jammed them together in this free mobile editing app. Hence, you can expect great tools like contrast, saturation, filters, and even red-eye correction. Another awesome tool is the smart filters. They auto-correct basic things, such as exposure and temperature. However, you will have to sign up for an Adobe ID account which is free on both iOS and Android.

Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is another entry by Adobe. The main difference between the two apps is that Photoshop Express is simply an all-in-one package whereas Lightroom is geared more towards professionals who want more juice out of a mobile photo editing app. The inclusion of pro tools such as light, distortion, color, and grain adjustment make this app the best pro mobile editing app. It has a very simple user interface as well. All of the professional tools can be found as simple sliders, which allows quick and precise adjustments on the go.

Mobile Lightroom

VSCO - Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

VSCO phone
VSCO mobile editing app

VSCO not only has great filters to make your pictures awesome, but it also packs a camera and a community, which makes it an experience similar to Instagram. However, its filters are more classy and subtle than those on other social apps. Also, it contains all of the essential tools of a mobile photo editing app as well as crop, color adjustment, exposure, and temperature. Moreover, you can directly take pictures with its camera, natively edit them, then share them with the community without any hassle.


pixlr phone
Pixlr is also a widely popular mobile photo editing app among mobile photographers. It packs many great tools, such as the auto-fix, which balances the color automatically and is simply awesome. Pixlr has many filters, overlays, and combinations all designed to make your photos even better. And, if a particular filter or overlay is used several times, it allows you to mark it as Favorite, which makes it very convenient and simple to use. On the topic of simple, it not only has simple tools to keep it basic for you, but it also features many advanced tools that you can test abundantly.
Pixlr editing app

Canva - Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

canva mobile
Canva editing app
Canva is more suited for business or marketing-related content. What makes it a great photo editing app is its diverse functionality. You can not only edit your photos, but also create posters and other visual content. It even allows you to add animations to your images to make them look more creative. Although the basic version is free on both iOS and Android, it costs a few bucks for a Pro and Enterprise subscription, but it is undoubtedly a great mobile photo editing app for individuals and businesses alike.


prisma phone
Prisma is a very unique editing app. It transforms your pictures into artworks like those made by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali. Before you become wary, let us say that it is one of the best apps in this niche. It takes the help of artificial neural networks to transform your photos into artistic masterpieces. Although many of the advanced filters come at $4.99 a month, more than 500 of these filters are free for you to try and get an idea. Just like VSCO, it also has a thriving online community so that you can share your images directly into its feed.
Prisma mobile editing app

Edit like a true professional

The editing apps for your phone can work out pretty amazing, but they will still lack advanced features that different software can offer. If you want to make your photos look like masterpieces without any limitations, then Photoshop and Lightroom are the best options. Both of these software programs from Adobe can be hard to use for beginners. We provide the Photoshop Masterclass and the Ultimate Lightroom course, which will make you a true expert.

Conclusion- Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps

A single app cannot be hailed as the best mobile photo editing app. All of the above apps have proved themselves to their user base as being simple, yet extremely functional. We recommend that you try at least a few of them so you understand their weak and strong points. You can have a combination of apps that supplement each other. This will definitely help in covering all of the aspects and adjustments of your photos. You will have the complete mobile photography setup in your hands.

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