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Lightroom Photo Editor

Lightroom Photo Editor – the photo editing software 

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, photo editing software is never too much. You will earn many benefits with Lightroom Photo Editor. 

Often considered an expensive software reserved for professionals, Lightroom has now become almost unavoidable for classifying and retouching our photos. 


Lightroom, the best and unavoidable photo editing software from Adobe 

Now two softwares 

For a few months now there has no longer been a single Lightroom software, but two: Lightroom Classic and Lightroom. Before this big change Adobe proposed that a single version of this photo editing software delivered with a lifetime license could be used for life. 

In fact, at the origin of this split the Nimbus Project wanted to be a small revolution in the world of photo publishing

Today the functionalities of the Nimbus Project are integrated into Lightroom as the storage of photos on a cloud, then the automatic attribution of keywords for each photo, or artificial intelligence among other things. 


Lightroom – a complete cloud-based photo editor 

As with any software available on the cloud; in fact the big advantage of using Lightroom is that you can retouch your photos from any device. Wherever you are and without even having to install the application because Lightroom is available from the interface by simply connecting you to the Adobe site. 

Another interesting point is that Lightroom Photo Editor has an artificial intelligence component called Sensei. It will assign keywords to each photo in your collection. Sensei analyzes the photo to label it automatically; which greatly facilitates filing and organizing of photos. 

Lightroom Classic is the version that offers more features 

Lightroom Classic replaces the Lightroom retouching software to provide more features and tools. 

The designers listened to the users’ comments and made major improvements in particular of the launch time; the reactivity of the brushes, the generation of previews, and the navigation between the Library and Development modules. 

The tools section of Lightroom Photo Editor has also been revised with new features such as the graduated filter and brush. Thanks to these two tools it is possible to apply an automatic selection according to different parameters. 

Contrary to what many beginner photographers think, it is important to use software such as Lightroom, be it Lightroom Classic or Lightroom. So you will definitely save time on processing and filing of your photos. 

Some training is available on the Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials website if you want to learn how to master the Lightroom software. So you will have access to 65 detailed videos. “FULL LIGHTROOM CLASSIC LESSONS” 

Give us your opinion, then share your experience in the comments about Lightroom Photo Editor. 

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Have a nice photoshoot! 

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January 7, 2020

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