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Adobe Photoshop Training

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Learn Photoshop in just 5 hours!

Train yourself in video in this world-famous software with the Adobe Photoshop Training 2020 “Beginner to Pro”.

Adobe Photoshop is today’s best software. Millions of photographers, designers, and artists from around the world use Photoshop to achieve the impossible.

It is considered the best imaging and graphic design software in the world for photo editing.

This training is dedicated to people who want to learn all the necessary tools to be able to flourish with this fabulous software.

Here you will learn all the essentials of Photoshop and be able to concretize all your ideas.


Photoshop free




  • 58 video  tutorials
  • 6 hours training 
  • Downloadable source files 
  • Full lifetime access
  • Free lifetime updates
  • HD quality 
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • VIP support 24/7
Adobe photoshop tutorials course

30-days 100% risk-free money-back guarantee!

Adobe Photoshop Courses Online

Your purchase is guaranteed without risk for 30 days. it is very simple – if you are not entirely satisfied, we will refund you the full fee without asking questions! 

Adobe Photoshop Training description – Beginner To Pro!

The Adobe Photoshop  2020  Training contains 58 video tutorials  which will teach you all the necessary functions of this world-famous software!  

This Photoshop training is aimed at enthusiasts, amateur photographers, or professionals who will master all the essential features of this software.  

With this training you will learn at your convenience and move at your own pace. There is no time limit.  

The Adobe Photoshop Training “Beginner To Pro” is yours in 60 seconds !

Price Adobe Photoshop Course Online Training

Reviews: Student feedback

Amazing amount of content, extremely well taught, and plenty of opportunities to practice what's taught in the lessons. This is a class that one can go back to again and again to practice, refresh, and relearn.
Clayton Burger
Outstanding course! The instructor is very detailed in his delivery and makes everything look simple with step-by-step instructions. The resources for practice are very well chosen to explain the topic. Highly recommended and looking forward to more courses.
Tracey Meyer
Absolutely above expectations! This is a true masterclass taught by a master.  I highly recommend this course to ANYONE interested in learning Photoshop.
Photoshop Training profil photo
Pascal Patel
Amazing course and tutorials. I have already taken the Lightroom course through the same website and I was amazed by everything that I learned. I have been using Photoshop for many years without actually knowing for sure what I was doing. This course focused me on doing things right. Thank you !
Tutorials PS and LR
Dominika Wagner
Wonderful job ! Everything you need to know about Photoshop and so much more... Highly, highly recommended ! Many thanks
Photoshop Course profil photo
John Bergman
Have learn a lot...... This is a really great course, very easy to follow. Production quality is on another level ! Thoroughly enjoyed watching the tutorials and found them very easy to follow.
Professionnal Photographer
Derek Othman

What happen after the order ? 

secure payment Photoshop Lightroom tutorials

After clicking on «Take this course». You will be redirected to a fully secure payment form where you can pay by credit card or through PayPal. It is one of the most secure (and most used) Internet payment methods in the world.  

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Once you have made a purchase, you will receive an email with the details of your order and direct access to the “Adobe Photoshop Training” – Beginner To Pro

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We will always be at your disposal.  

The Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials Team

Adobe Photoshop Courses Online

30 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on Photoshop training  

If, within 30 days after the purchase you are not completely satisfied, contact our customer support and we’ll give you back your money.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Photoshop is this training compatible with?  

This training is compatible with  Photoshop 2020,  as well as previous versions such as Photoshop CC, and  Photoshop CS6.  

In what form is this training delivered? DVD? Internet link?  

Adobe Photoshop Training “Beginner To Pro” is available 100% online. All the content is continuously updated and accessible for life. This means that if you go back to the training 1 or 2 years later, you will have access to all the new  Photoshop  tutorials explaining the novelties. That would not have been possible in a DVD format.  

Will I get help if I have a question?  

Yes, you will have VIP access and we will answer your questions 7 days a week.  

Will I have access to the source files?  

Of course. All the exercise files needed to complete the training are downloadable from the first  Photoshop  tutorial.  

What level of knowledge is required to complete the training?  


Is the training in English ?  

The whole training is in English.  

Is there an time limit for completion of the training?  

There is no time limit. You will go at your own pace and can go back in the training as many times as you want.  

Can I view the training from a desktop or on an iPad?  

Yes, you can access the training on any device without any problems: iMac, tablet, smartphone etc… locally or remotely!  

The Adobe Photoshop Training Content : “Beginner To Pro” 

✔ Adobe Photoshop Training : Software Overview

  • Welcome to the Photoshop Training 2020
  • Exercises files

✔ Import Photos

  • Open a photo on photoshop
  • Open a photo on Photoshop from Lightroom

✔ Interface

  • The workspace of Photoshop
  • Working with multiple photos
  • Zoom on Photoshop 2020
  • The different display modes
  • Rotate an image

✔ Image and Resolution

  • The pixel
  • Size of the image
  • Keeping Details 2.0
  • DPI

✔ History and Recording

  • History
  • How to save a photo on Photoshop 2020
  • Save a photo in JPEG format on Photoshop

✔ Crop and straighten a photo

  • How to crop a photo on Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Straightening up an inclined photograph
  • Option content taken into account
  • Straightening a perspective with Photoshop

✔ Layers

  • Working with several layers together
  • Using the grid and guide in Photoshop
  • Automatic alignment of layers
  • Create a group of layers
  • Merge of layers

✔ Color

  • Choose a color
  • Colour library
  • The Pipette tool
  • The color shortcuts

✔ The brush tool

  • Brush selection and shortcut
  • The different uses of the brush

✔ Fusion mask

  • Lens Flare & Fusion Mask
  • Opacity and degraded

✔ Bonus Lens flare Adobe Photoshop 2020

  • Bonus Lens Flare Photoshop 2020

✔ Selection tools

  • The rectangle selection tool
  • The ellipse selection tool
  • The lasso
  • The Polygonal lasso tool
  • The quick selection tool
  • Difficult detour
  • Select a topic
  • Range of colours

✔ Delete/ modify/ move

  • Delete an item from a photo
  • The non-destructive retouching on Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • The displacement tool, based on content

✔ Dynamic objects

  • Use of dynamic objects

✔ Transformation

  • The different processing techniques
  • Objective correction and perspective

✔ The necessary adjustments

  • Black and white adjustment layer
  • The histogram
  • The levels
  • The progressive contour
  • The curves
  • Tint – Vibrancy – Saturation

✔ The essential filters

  • Dynamic filters with Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Improve the sharpness of a photo
  • Retouch with Camera Raw as filter

✔ Conclusion


Photoshop Training by Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials

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