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How to make collage in Photoshop

Collage and photomontage are art techniques that blend multiple pictures, drawn and painted sketches, into a single work of art. These are amazing ways to show a collection of photographs. While college is an old art form, tools like Photoshop give it a modern spin. Photoshop is used to produce the layered look and soft edges that are increasingly common on web pages. You don’t need canvas, brushes, scissors, or glue to produce art. Instead, all you need is stored on your computer. You’re quite well on your way to making collage art with a handful of frames, photoshop, and an urge to explore. This style of work still has a mystical edge. You can use the background, and the design, which would bring an extra interesting dimension to the picture. Let us get into the details

Select and resize images

Firstly, one must come up with a theme before learning how to make collage in Photoshop. Usually, five to seven photos are enough. More the merrier. A collage should convey a story, which a single image cannot. One should choose broad, in between and macro images to build a clearer perspective. Although, it is not necessary until you are following the theme for solidarity in your collage. One must choose images with similar colors. To move ahead with collage in Photoshop, you need to resize the images. Moreover, to print your collage, 300 pixels per inch is the requirement for high resolution. Additionally, for displaying purposes on your computer, 70 to 72 pixels per inch should be considered. Now choose the measurements of your images, enlarge them by at least 35 percent regardless of whatever measurements you chose. Afterward, this will make editing relatively easier.

Create a new file and add images

Now comes the trickiest part. First, click on the new document icon in Photoshop to begin your collage. After that, choose a default or make a custom document. The important step here is to match the measurements in Step 1. An example of size could be level A4 at 70 pixels per inch. Consequently, this could be used for a website. Hence, you should collect images in one folder from where you can tug them to the document sketch. Conclusively, this converts them into Smart Objects of Photoshop. Resizing an image can be bad. Although, you can pivot, skew, twist or apply any change without ruining the quality. Moreover, if you wish to duplicate something out, you are required to right-click on the layer and choose the option ‘Rasterize Layer’. Furthermore, it is suggested that you finish editing the images before importing or resizing them. Secondly, put pictures behind the others to hide them if you are unsure about them.
How to make collage of colorful buildings

Positioning - How to make collage in Photoshop

Thirdly, comes positioning while learning how to make collage in Photoshop. In order to do that, click on a file’s layer in the ‘Layers Panel’ to bring it to the front. Subsequently, this will drag the sheet upwards. Place it above the picture that was overlapping it in the order. It will take a long time to arrange and place your pictures. In the ‘Layers Panel,’ create a new group for your photos to play with various formats. To do so, go to the bottom of the ‘Layers Panel’ and press the ‘Create New Group”’ button. Then, give your group a name. After that, pick all the layers containing your images and move them into the newly formed folder. Right-click on the group icon and then pick ‘Duplicate Group’ to duplicate the folder, which will copy all the layers. Also, reposition the pictures after collapsing one of the groups and hiding it from the display. A group can be duplicated as many times as you like. The new group is easier to handle after collapsing and blocking them from the display. Lastly, change the picture sizes and locations of each one before you’re happy with the results.

Adding borders and Background colors

A choice you might want to go with is to add borders to your images. Additionally, it gives an old-fashioned look to printed images. Choose one image from the fx figure from the bottom of the layer’s panel and click ‘stroke’. Accordingly, choose position, opacity, and size from the layer style tab. You can border every image differently to add style and blend it with the layering. However, if you wish to choose the same border for all, right-click from where you pitched in the stroke. Following that, copy ‘Layer Style’ and select all image layers and click paste. Additionally, if you feel like changing the background color, press the background image layer and go ahead adding a gradient. Now select a color that matches your theme and does not overwhelm your images.

Conclusion - How to make collage in Photoshop

To simply conclude everything, this was our take on making you learn how to make collage in photoshop. In addition to everything, one distinguishing feature of Photoshop is its endless variations or opportunities of styling your collage. Since the primary photographs were taken, specialists have used the forms of photomontage and collage to combine photographs. Lastly, with advanced photography and programs, anybody can make craftsmanship utilizing photographs and other painted components.

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