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Adobe Lightroom Classic training course 2023

- Here are just a few fantastic perks of this Adobe Lightroom Classic training

- What is Lightroom ?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, often abbreviated to Lightroom, is a world-famous program software. It is powerful, versatile, and designed to quickly classify, sort, and edit large quantities of photographs.
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Our unique approach in this Adobe Lightroom training is what sets us apart! Not only do we make sure our training is the most complete, we also ensure that you get the best practical knowledge to make your photos outstanding.

We guarantee that this Lightroom training is kept up to date. Therefore, as soon as there are updates made to the software, we add new tutorials explaining the changes and new tools. That’s why we give you lifetime access to this training.

The best Lightroom Training is yours in 60 seconds!

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  • 67 video tutorials
  • Source files included
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  • Full lifetime access
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  • 67 video tutorials
  • Source files included
  • Bonus training included
  • Full lifetime access
  • Free lifetime updates
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  • 67 video tutorials
  • Source files included
  • Bonus training included
  • Full lifetime access
  • Free lifetime updates
  • VIP support 24/7

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30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on this Adobe Lightroom Classic Training

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- FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This training is compatible with Lightroom Classic 2024 as well as previous versions such as Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom 6.

The Adobe Lightroom Classic Training 2024  is available 100% online. All content is continuously updated – and you get lifetime access. This means that if you want to go back to the training 1 or 2 years later, you will have access to all the new Lightroom tutorials explaining all the new features and tools. Such lifetime access would not be possible in a DVD format.

You can use PayPal or any credit card to pay for the Adobe Lightroom Training Course.

Yes, the whole training is in English.

Of course. All the exercise files that you will need to complete the training are downloadable from the first Lightroom tutorial.

There is no time limit. You can progress at your own pace and return to the tutorials as many times as you wish.

Yes, you can access the training on any device – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc… wherever is convenient for you!

Yes, indeed! We are here to help you. If you have a question, just simply send us an e-mail with your question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

You can create a new password via the following link: Forgot Password

- The Adobe Lightroom Classic Training 2024 - Content

  • 00 – Welcome to the Lightroom Classic 2024 Training
  • 01 – Download the exercise files
  • 02 – Lightroom cc or Classic cc
  • 03 – The lightroom interface
  • 04 – Add a copyright to your photo’s metadata
  • 05 – What is a lightroom catalog
  • 06 – How to import photos in the Lightroom catalog from your hard drive
  • 07 – How to import images to Lightroom from your memory card
  • 08 – Arranging images by date
  • 09 – Add to collection
  • 10 – How to rename photos during import
  • 11 – Building smart previews
  • 12 – How to  specifically import videos into Lightroom
  • 13 – Editing videos
  • 14 – Visualizing pictures specifically with the grid view
  • 15 – Visualizing pictures specifically with the loop view
  • 16 – Visualizing and rating pictures with the compare view
  • 17 – Following: Visualizing pictures with the survey view
  • 18 – Visualizing pictures with the portrait view on Lightroom
  • 19 – The rating filter: Applying a filter based on rating
  • 20 – The library filter: In order to manage
  • 21 – Organizing your pictures further into collections
  • 22 – Smart collections
  • 23 – Deleting pictures from the catalog and from the hard drive
  • 24 – The metadata
  • 15 – Adding keywords
  • 26 – The keyword list
  • 27 – How to make a backup in Lightroom
  • 27 – Locating lost pictures
  • 29 – Renaming and moving photos and folders
  • 30 – How to use the map tab in Lightroom
  • 31 – Editing a JPEG in Photoshop
  • 32 – Editing your RAW picture while in photoshop
  • 33 – Opening an image as a smart object while in photoshop
  • 34 – How to open images specifically as layers in Photoshop
  • 35 – How to export photos with Lightroom
  • 36 – Sending pictures by email with Lightroom
  • 37 – Publishing pictures on both Flickr and Adobe Stock
  • 38 – Adjusting the white balance while editing
  • 39 – How to correct exposure
  • 40 – How basic cursors affects the histogram
  • 41 – How to obtain a nice black & white
  • 42 – How to synchronize your settings to all of your pictures at once
  • 43 – How to crop your pictures
  • 44 – How to use virtual copies
  • 45 – History – snapshots & reset
  • 46 – The spot removal tool
  • 47 – How to take away the bags under your eyes
  • 48 – How to correct red eyes while editing
  • 49 – Using the graduated filter to avoid overexposing
  • 50 – Radial filter
  • 51 – The dehaze tool
  • 52 – The tone curve for brightness and contrast
  • 53 – How to use the HSL setting
  • 54 – Split toning
  • 55 – How to significantly improve the sharpness of a picture
  • 56 – Reducing the numeric noise of a picture
  • 57 – Removing distortion and chromatic aberration and improving perspective
  • 58 – How to give your picture an “aged” affect by adding grain
  • 59 – Lighting and vignetting
  • 60 – How to create a panoramic picture while in Lightroom
  • 61 – How to use the HDR merge
  • 62 – How to create an HDR panorama while editing
  • 63 – The book tab & photo album layout
  • 64 – How to create a web gallery
  • 65 – Using the slideshow tab to create a slideshow
  • 66 – How to use, create and configure your photos with the print tab

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6 reviews for The Ultimate Adobe Lightroom Training

  1. Georges Dahlande

    I loved every second of it! I had some challenges understanding Lightroom and Photoshop in the past but not anymore. Thank you so munch

  2. Meryl Winstanley

    This is a very comprehensive course. There is so much information to remember.. Wonderful job! Many thanks

  3. John Garcia

    I was a complete beginner to Lightroom, I spent a long time deciding which course to go for, and I am so glad I picked this one. The teaching was so precise, thorough and most of all engaging. Now I feel I know enough to be proficient enough to start using Lightroom to manage all my photos. Thank you !

  4. Derek Othman

    Absolutely above expectations! The course was much more than I expected, very detailed. I have done courses in the past where I find myself zoning out due to the instructor not having much enthusiasm, it was not the case with this course.

  5. William Domet

    Highly recommended! I’m a beginner and find the explanations clear so far. Awesome class! Great instructor! Many thanks for this course

  6. Georgia Waterhouse (verified owner)

    Awesome course!!! Every detail of the software is covered, with numerous examples and clear explanations. I went into this course not knowing much at all about Lightroom. I now feel confident to start practicing what I have learnt and improve my skills.

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