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Lightroom and Photoshop Tutorials, the best place to learn photo retouching online, offers you excellent Photoshop tutorials. Our goal is to make you a professional at Photoshop. So you will be guided step by step to use this software of unsuspected power, all thanks to our video tutorials designed to make your task easier.

Why take a Photoshop course?

Photoshop is the best-known photo editing or visual designing software. It is basically used everywhere and for everything (advertising, logos, magazine photos, etc.).
Our Photoshop online training will indeed equip you with basic knowledge, advanced functions, and self-sufficiency to be able to make any changes you want in a professional way.

Also, we have developed a specific teaching style allowing you to acquire the essential basics of Photoshop in just 7 hours and 58 tutorials. Each issue is addressed in a different tutorial, allowing this Photoshop online training in order to be worked through several times according to your pace.
Besides, our team is always at your service, and we guarantee your satisfaction! You can, of course, come back to the necessary tutorials if you need to consolidate certain concepts.


We always find that our photos have flaws (incorrect exposure, intrusions in the frame, etc.). With our Photoshop online course, you can enhance your photos yourself with ease.

At the end of your Photoshop training, you will be able to create photos from the most serious to the funniest, modify, retouch, improve sharpness, add effects, color gradations, or create posters and also much more. Moreover, this online Photoshop training will also allow you to add to your resume that you master this software, which is the most used in the world for photo retouching and graphic design.

Post processing image techniques

What do you need for this online training

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or simply passionate about photo editing or image creation, this online training is for you. You will need:

What will I learn through my online Photoshop training?
Our tailor-made video tutorials will cover:

Photoshop Course MasterclassPhotoshop Course Masterclass After

In the journey of mastering this software, you will learn how to manage your Photoshop workspace, use layers, work with and change colours, tweak elements, add or remove details, and also much more. In addition, we offer you free training in lens flare. The lens flare is generally a light effect that fits perfectly in your photos and gives the impression of rays of light passing directly through the lens of a camera. Moreover, depending on the effects, this can bring warmth to your photo and give them an effect that even a professional photographer would have trouble reproducing.
In order to be able to project you more easily into the content of your training, we list some of the features you will learn to master:

Working with multiple photos "Photo editing"

Because going from one photo to another wastes valuable time, we will teach you to use several photos on the same Photoshop work plan! So this will increase your concentration and efficiency.

Use the colour ranges with photoshop training online

Photoshop is an extraordinary tool to either modify or change colours. You will also learn how to give new life to colours you find dull or how to accentuate certain contrasts to bring out a specific element.

Apply dynamic filters "photoshop online"

A dynamic filter allows significantly applying a special effect to a photo in Photoshop without modifying the original. It is as if you lay a layer over your photo. Also, this technique allows you to remove the effect if it no longer suits you or to make changes. It’s a non-destructive effect.

Photoshop online training: Improve the sharpness of your photos

Is your photo slightly blurred? Our online Photoshop training will teach you how to solve the problem. So there is no need to delete the photo! Photoshop offers various tools that significantly improve the sharpness of an image. The training will also teach you to use layers, avoid chromatic distortions, or reduce the noise in an image.

Correction of the perspective

An object in an image may be perceived differently from how it actually appears, causing a distortion of perspective, that is to be corrected. You will learn in our online training how to fix, or better yet distort perspectives!

In conclusion, as you can see, the 58 video tutorials of our online Photoshop training are rich in knowledge and essential tricks. Thus it will allow you to make unsuspected corrections of your images from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Feel free to join the Lightroom Photoshop Tutorials community and quickly become a Photoshop expert.

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