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Is it necessary to invest excessive amounts to take beautiful photos? The answer is no. Be inspired by those thousands of amateur and professional photographers who rely on photo retouching. Moreover, one of the effects most used in photography is the lens flare effect to obtain the effect of sunlight.  Have you been dreaming of fulfilling your desire to take beautiful pictures? Our Lens flare pack with its different forms of glare will quickly change your vision of photo retouching and get you into a new dimension. Photo retouching has evolved a lot nowadays, and the lens flare has quickly become a buzz in photography. You’ll soon understand why.

How to take beautiful photos with the lens flare effect

What is lens flare?

Lens flare is an effect caused by the diffusion of stray light that passes through the layers of your camera lens, giving rise to light leakage and play of light creating a sunray effect. The number of layers determines the intensity of the lens flare and this is reflected by the presence of halo in the image.


But do you know that it is possible to achieve the same effect in a photo already taken without having to resort to several lenses at the same time? This is where Adobe Photoshop 2020 comes in. Now there is no more need to buy expensive lenses to get these halos. Besides, lens flare caused by the sunset is most often uncontrollable when shooting.


However in Photoshop it is up to you to decide what type of flare fits your photo. Whether it be for wedding or landscape photos, the lens flare effect will bring warm light into the photos. The video below shows you the contents of the lens flare pack and several breathtaking demonstrations. At the end of it your concerns about how to take beautiful photos will be distant memories.


The lens flare pack – your light game box

Our Photoshop lens flare pack contains the best lens flare effects that you won’t find anywhere else. All the effects have been meticulously designed over the years to adapt to any type of image: wedding, landscape, nature, portrait… to ultimately meet all lighting needs. The practical and useful side of this lens flare pack will bring superior quality to your photos.

The effect of sunset will bring out the love of a newly married couple in a wedding photo while another lighting effect will bring out the beauty of a hibiscus flower that opens at night. The waves of joy of a child crying in a portrait at sunset or the passion of a sportsman reaching victory are other examples.

As great photographers say, the beauty of a photo depends on two things – your desire to take it and the effect you give it.


How to take beautiful photos? In quite simple steps.

Thanks to the Photoshop lens flare effect here is how to take beautiful photos and make them liked by everyone:

  • Firstly, download our lens flare pack
  • Open your photo in Photoshop
  • Then, open the folder that contains the flare pack and slide the flare of your choice over the photograph
  • Stretch the flare across the entire surface of your photo and press enter (in the layer tab your photo will appear first and the flare just above)
  • Finally, choose “Overlay” in the dropdown box of the layer tab. The flare will automatically add itself to your photo.

Furthermore, thanks to the lens flare pack you can play with the light, highlight, and transform your photos into splendid and extraordinary.

This effect will enhance your photography!

And finally, a little advice for you. In fact, it is the basis of photography – shoot what your eyes like. It may sound strange, but in photography it takes passion that starts from shooting and extends to retouching. The lens flare is formidable, and what makes it popular in the world of photography is the feeling of flourishing that emerges when one uses it.

The advantage these days is that there is incredible photo editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. Take advantage of the many opportunities it offers you.

You will discover a guided demonstration of the lens flare from our pack through the video above.

Take beautiful photos thanks to the lens flare effect


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